Pushing the Limits: Spoiler Review

Pushing the Limits - Katie McGarry

I really loved this book. I really loved both echo and noah as a pair and as their own characters. I loved how this book liked at characters that I don't read about often or situations. It look at the complex issues in foster care and also the simple way things are looked black and white and no shades of grey. I loved seeing noah come to see how much he could give his brothers by staying their brother and not trying to take them from the only life the knew. I think I was even torn at what I wanted it him to do in the end but the book made my invested either way. I really at the end did see a change in noah and that was good.


I loved the mystery aspect that we saw in echo case. I loved how everyone in her life knew the truth about what her mother did to her but she could never remember. I had so many theories and the ending still broke my heart. It is painful but gripping to watch her fall down and just hope to get back up. 


I really loved the scene she had with her mother cause it was so gut wrenching to watch and also my heart broke for noah in his scene with his little brothers. 


I also loved meeting the issiah and beth that we will learn more about in future books but I have fallen in love with her writing and i am excited to read much more by her.


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