The Iron Trial: Spoiler Review

The Iron Trial - Cassandra Clare, Holly Black

I really loved this book. I found it to be a nice throw back to harry potter. I did not see it as a copycat but i book told in similar style.


I loved the three lead characters that were developed in this book and I am excited to see where all these relationships go in future books. I loved callum and Aaron a lot but all the character just made me happy. 


I loved the twists and turns that were thrown at you in the book and they were so unexpected that they even surprised me. I did not expect the truth about Callum identity at the end and that is why i am so excited for the next book in this series. I want to see where everything goes and what happens to all the character in future books. 


I really loved how the world and the magic was created in this world and the focus on nature it is such a cool world and you can tell that holly black put her master touch on this world.


Here is my video review below: