Isla and the Happily ever after: Spoiler Review:

Isla and the Happily Ever After - Stephanie Perkins

This book was so good and a great end to this unique series. I loved seeing Josh and Isla again and how they wound up in each other orbits. This book was again different because even though they always liked each other they were together for like a month before the life or the book bough the drama.


I liked the fact that for most of this book Isla was lost with nothing to motivate her toward the future and no really clue about what she wanted. That I think is one of the reasons she grew so obsessed with josh because she had nothing else to capitative her. 


This characters like all the others are can be a prefect pairs but they need to fix the cracks first and that is what the whole second part of this book was about and I love that. I loved seeing Isla try and find her happily ever after and then realize Josh can still have a place in that  and that is message all girls can take home.


The one thing I would have loved more was to see more of the past characters but I know this is isla and Josh book but the few scenes we got made me so happy. The news about the engagement made me gasp and the gold metal win was awesome!


Such a strong book with real characters and real issues!  I also loved seeing paris and barcalona again and learning more about various cultures. I also liked finally seeing and learning about Josh comic and what it became at the end!

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