Lola and the boy next door: Spoiler review

Lola and the Boy Next Door - Stephanie Perkins

I went into this book not thinking I was going to enjoy it but I loved it so much. I really loved Lola and how she had Cricket and how there relationship develop unlike other books in this series it focused on the past relationship of these characters and how that may effect their future.


Of course we all knew Lola boyfriend at the time was bad news but Lola needed to learn that and that took time. I loved seeing how Cricket keep finding ways to be involved in Lola life. This book was very much about both Lola being safe in her own skin and also Cricket learning to step out of the shadows. I liked the fact that Cricket was a twin and it also death with his relationship with Lola in the end.


I am a theater major and lover of iceskating so both of these elements just bought this book to the next level for me. I loved the Lola had a nontraditional family and how that really effected her. Her gay dads were so much fun to read about and gain more info about. 


I love the presence of the character of anna and st. claire from Anna and the french kiss it was a great way to tie those two book together! I loved the ending and it made me swoon for cricket so much!

Great book and great character and great story!


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