Unspoken by Sarah Rees Brennan: Spolier review

The strength of this novel was really in the characters and the dialogue. It was more focused on character then on plot and I am fine with that. I really wish I had a re read the first book first but I liked how this book was played especially the end. I liked how unlike many books in this genere before it was unique. 


I am also an underdog lover so of course I love ash! He breaks my heart so often and I am really excited to see where is character goes. When I see scenes between Jarad and Ash I am reminded of City of bones Alec and Jace. But they have such a cool relationship.


I like this book because it really made Kami grow up and also see what life would be like without this person in her end. I liked how the ending was she got this feeling back just with the wrong boy. It should make the next book really cool.


I do wish the plot was a little clearer but overall a strong novel!



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