If i stay review:

If I Stay - Gayle Forman

This is one of the few books that I think the movie may actually be better. This book had such a cool storyline and narrative that I think will be very lovely when shown on film. The book told a fun story but many times I felt mia was emotionless and i get the she was a ghost but it almost felt like her personality was gone or still with her body. 


I loved her being on her own and not having any guides because It really felt like the book was in her head and also created by her. I also enjoyed the back and forth and seeing the Adam and Mia fall in love. The only thing I wish was that story was told more in earliest to latest order cause at points it really did confuse me. 


I also thought the book was so short! I felt like right when it was getting good the book ended. I know that there is a next book but I felt like this book could have been a little bit longer.


I do think the I will pick up the next novel and will like the one a little bit better as well.