Golden Lily Review

The Golden Lily - Richelle Mead

This book was very good but still a little predictable for me. I loved the profession of the stories and the characters thou. I am really growing to love Sydney and Adrian. I also really love seeing the various other characters grow and develop. I still love eddie and am excited to see more of him in future books.


This book really set the foundation for the future in many ways. It showed us how sydney is being pulled in so many different directions and how also her values are slowly being changed. I love seeing her change throughout not only this series but in the vampire academy series. I also judge this book to have a lot of self-discovery/ personal growth in this novel that you may see in a new-adult novel. I love seeing her experience all these new things and also in a sense long for me in reference to education and travel. That part of her really struck a cord with me.


This book did have some cool fight scenes but again the pacing was still very slow for my liking. I still liked it I just wish the story packed a little bit more punch. The story is still being built and I excited to see where it goes next.