Bloodlines: Review

This was a great start to the new series. I loved how all the characters were introduced and how they all came together. I loved the cast of characters that we got and especially because most of them were my favorites from the vampire academy series that was not the focus in those book especially Eddie. 


The plot in the book at points was a little predictable especially in referenced to jill bf and also the connection back to Mason. I kind of saw those plot points a mile away. I thought the book was very focus on getting use so much information and had little action until the end of the novel. That is where the book really picked up for me and I got so many more question,


I have always loved the character of Sydney and it is great being in her head and seeing the war of feelings in her head about her relationship with this world that was she was always told was evil and sinister and how she is dealing with it. I can sense some tension between her an adrian and i am excited to see where that goes in the future.


I very good start to the series and now the the world is set I look forward to more action and more answers!


Happy reading!