Black Heart: Review

Black Heart - Holly Black

This was a great book. It was a great conclusion and I loved seeing hot Cassel got himself out of this latest mess. I really loved how the character grew in this series and also how his relationship changed with Lila and his family. This book was fill with characters that feel into the shades of grey and not such black and white. It was interesting to see how Cassel was being pulled in so many different directions and how in the end his ending was basically a shade of grey and I loved that.


I liked how Cassel may not have been a good boy but he did try to do what he thoughts was best. I liked how his ending occurred and how it was left open ended in many ways. I wonder if we will every get another book in this world cause I would love to see this world again.


I recommend this series to anyone who like mortal instruments but wanted a book with a little bit of hasher feel to it. I focused more on the moral complications of magic and also how Cassel was really caught in the shades of gray in this entire series. 


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