City of heavenly fire

City of Heavenly Fire - Cassandra Clare

I have always been a fan of this world and the various series she has created. However if you only read the mortal instrument series and don't plan on reading her following series then this book may not be your cup of tea. It is a super long book but that is because she references both previous series and also upcoming series. 


Overall I loved it and that is because I read the infernal devices series. My fav character is and always will be simon and this book was so epic for him and also his relationship with Izzy. The character really become a hero in this book and I loved it. I was brought near tears several times and that included both simon paths and then end with sebesation. It was such a cool ending in many ways. I also liked learning more about alex and magus and seeing their relationship develop. I liked how much we saw how the past effected these characters and also how much this novel will affect the books in the future.


I had so feels about the deaths in the book and it made me so sad but this book had so many unexpected twists that I was guled to the book and could not put it down.


I liked meeting the new characters and excited to see their paths in he future books!