The murder complex: Review

The Murder Complex - Lindsay Cummings

I have not read this type of book in so long but I loved it. It was such an interesting premise with a hell of cliff hanger. I loved the duel perspective that the book was told from and also how different the characters were and also how connected they became. I will admit it was a super complicated novel but since i read it so fast it did not bother me. 


I loved both Meadow and Zephyer. Normally in books the girls feel bad about murder and death but it was switched in this book and you can feel the grief coming off of zephyr. It was so sad to watch. Then you have Meadow who is so strong and so willing to murder the it gives a nice contrast between the two. I really loved that.


This book was filled of twists and turns. The first few pages I thought the book was going to be about the job and then it turned to something so much more complicated. I loved it. I loved the fast pace nature of the book and all the character.


I am so excited for the next book and to get my hands on the novel that is currently out.


Here is my video review.