Anna and the french kiss:

I really loved this book. It really took me away to a different world and I loved the main characters. I saw a lot of myself in the main character and that really made me want to read the book fast. I loved seeing paris through Anna eyes. I had been to london when I was in college and it just brought back so many memories and gave me the itched to travel more. I loved how honest the relationship with Anna and St. Claire developed. It felt so honest to me and that is hard to find in young adult books. It also addressed issues in addition to finding your ways and self discovery. I saw this so much in Anna but also in St. Claire. 

It really to me captured correctly the feeling to be away from home and how the feelings to a teenager. I had that both when I was in europe and also at college. The line Anna says home is no longer a place but a person is a line that makes so much to kids around that age.


I am really excited to read the others books in the series and to learn more about josh and isle after!


Here is my video review: