The BlueBerry Muffin Murder:

Blueberry Muffin Murder  - Joanne Fluke

I did like this book a lot. It was the third book in the series. The reason I did not give it higher rating is cause I saw the murder coming a mile away and it did not surprise me in the least. That really disappointed me cause in previous cases I have always been surprised  by the killer.


This book to me was more about world building and learning more about the characters. I loved seeing hannah torn between her two romance rivals. I liked how this case directly effected her because it happen in her shop. I also liked meeting jane and learning more about her past and I wonder if that secret will come back in future books. 


I also did not see not enough of bill in this book andrea husband and that made me sad because I like when bill and hannah work together to solve crimes. I also also really growing to like norman and Hannah and I am curious to see if and when they get together and how that will effect mike and hannah relationship. 


I really liked how hannah actually solved this crime and the process she want through and who helped her to find the pieces that she needed. I rec. if you read this book if you like a fun light mystery but a cool town and cool character even if i thought the mystery part of this book was a little weak.