Red Glove by Holly Black: Spoiler Review:

Red Glove - Holly Black

This was the second book in the curse worker series and I loved it so much. It was a great follow up to white cat. The book started off with unexpected murder and that really propel the book forward. I liked the relationship between Cassel and Lila during this book it really made the ending so much more interesting to me. I almost made me forget that in the first book I really did not like her character and towards the end of this book I remembered why. 


I did like how so many people wanted to get their hands on Cassel for different means and how he still is not sure what he wants due to the fact that he was basically a killer for so long but it was not of his choosing. I also liked seeing the development of Barron and Cassel relationship and am excited to see what happens in the final book in this series.


I have said before that I loved this world and that was even more increased in this book when the FEDS got involved and added another layer to the people that want Cassel for various reasons. I am excited to see where the FEDS storyline goes and what will happen in the final book.


I thought the twist with Sam girlfriend was so clever and I want to know more about her past and history and if Sam will be able to understand why she had to keep her secret. The one down side to this book was not enough Grandpa and I really hope we get more of him in the final book of the series.


Lastly I thought the person the killed the character was so interesting and the ending was not one I predicted and am excited to see what the fallout will be in the last book.


I really loved this book and am excited to complete the series soon! What were your thoughts on the book! Let me know in the comments of check out my video and leave one there!
Happy Reading!