Landline Review:

Landline: A Novel - Rainbow Rowell

This was another success for Rowell: I gave this book five stars. It was the first adult novel that I read by this author. It was a very interesting book about both a marriage and also self-discovery for the main character in the novel. The book however did have a interesting element of some magic by having a phone that let the georgie talk to her husband in the past. That part interested me because both story lines past and present were both on parallel paths but just at different times.

In addition to having both present life and past discussions between georgie and Neal it also look at and followed then meeting and falling in love. That was one of my favorite parts of the book. This is when the voice was so strong watching these two so different people fall in love and it just does not end there it then shows how these people may not have the easiest relationship if they don't work at it. I like how realistic this novel look at having opposites attract remain that connection need to give their relationship a lot of work. The ending also made it seem like things were not fixed right away but it would be work in process. I thought that was even more surpassing because normally in magic books the magic fixes everything and that was not the case here and I enjoyed that.

I also liked the storyline about georgie job and how that just like her relationship with Neal was a work in progress and it also did not end all tied up in a bow it was all left open and it was such a cool ending and i even want to know more about these characters.

In addition to the time line I like how it was set around christmas. I was shocked that this was a summer debut. I was surprised at when the book was sense and with such a strong love message I wonder why it did not have a winter release. 

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