Embrace by Jessica Shirvington: Book Review:

Embrace - Jessica Shirvington

This book was so good and I gave it five stars. I was really annoyed in the middle at the character of violet and I was going to give the book a lesser review but the end made the rest of the book even more lovely. This is one of the first books that I read that deals only with angles. The book did take a while to get to "plot" but I actually enjoyed that in this series. It really allowed me to learn more about violet and also understand why her anger developed towards linc. I also loved how the premise was explained about how angles and guardians because fallen or became guardians. I have had said this in previous reviews the first book in the series is something hard to create but the world building in this book was state of the art. The one weaker part was the development of the characters especially violet but due to circumstances of the novel it does make sense why for this book. I am hopeful that in future books we will gain more knowledge about her.

This book does remind me of Mortal instruments in so ways but I do like the "hero" more then Clary. It will be fun to see how she develops in future books and also how the relationship with the men develops and if that effects her character is various ways. I did like how the embrace ritual was presented and what the meant for her life and thew lives of the people that she knew well.

I thought the narrative was capturing and looking back you can see how the narrative changed when Violet was effected by various outside influences. It again is one of those books that really requires a more novels in the series. I felt like it was given the right amount of detail and I was happy and now I want to read more.

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