The Iron King: Julie Kagawa: Review:

The Iron King - Julie Kagawa

his was such a good start to a new series for me. I gave the first book five stars. I describe this as a The mortal instruments meets midsummer nights dream. I have never read any book with a premise even close to this. I often find series don't deserve more then one book but this series really needs sequels and I am looking so forward to them. I like the fact that the series was a complete adventure story. There were a few loose ends but it could be considered a full story and end there.

This is the first book that read by this author and I felt her narrative very natural and realistic even with the presence of all the magical elements that were present. I felt that this book did not shy away from language and it was jarring at the start but I really loved it. It made me really feel connected to the man character of megan.

I have read so much over the years but this is premise that I believe is unique. It was so cool to me that the story included both midsummer nights dream and also the effect of technology on the world of varies. I really loved the cool character crossover the was from midsummer nights dream. I also like how it was a focus on the different types of magic and so was even create from the progress of humans and technology.

This book currently does not have a love triangle and I was actually okay with that I think it was more important to develop the relationship between megan and ash. I did however sense so feeling from Robin and maybe we will get that relationship or triangle in future books.

The ending was so clear and so much pushed you into the next story that I am excited to see where it goes next. Again I really would describe that as saying if you like mortal instruments and origin stories you will like this novel!
Happy reading!
Laura Mauro