White Cat by Holly Black: Review with Spoliers and what to read next.

I did really enjoy this book a lot. It was a fun first book in the series. I like the world building. I thought the way that workers was created and shown to us was so cool. I thought it was also intreating that the character of Cassel did follow conventions in many ways but it did then go against the grain in some very important ways. I did not see the fact that Cassel did not kill Lila coming to play and that really shocked me. I was not surprised by the fact that Cassel was found out to be a rare worker but it did shock me about all the "deaths" he was involved in and also how terrible his family turned out to be. I mean how mean the brothers were was enough but to add the ending when the men made lila fall in love with Cassel was just cruel. All of these people basically spent a lifetime working Cassel and that makes my heart break for this character and also made me become much more invested in this character and the series. I also really loved all the dream like parts in the novel they were some of the most engaging and visual and intense parts for me. I was able to feel like I was really in Cassel head and that was such a cool experience. That was largely thanks to the writing by Holly black. I have a lot of anger towards his family especially his brothers but I did really like his grandfather i thought that relationship was cool and very full of love. One of my favorite scenes in this book was when the grandfather killed Anton. It was such a gripping moment that I was on the edge of my seats. I really excited for the next book in this series and to hopefully get my hands on it soon.

Today I went shopping and got my hands on several more books that I am excited to read and i will do unboxing later in the month to unveil them. However now i am debating what book to read it is between clockwork prince by cassandra clare and the thief by megan whalen turner. I want to read them both i just don't know what book to start with. Well i will let you guys know what I read next. I will be sure to keep you in the loop. If you want to me review or talk about anything comment below!