By L


Rating 5


Book in a pinch: Wonderland Retelling with a wicked twist



Go into this one knowing

It has a very heavy romantic plot but such a good read.



The story easily captured my attention because I loved the main character at the start of the novel. As a reader we know who the queen of hearts is in wonderland so knowing the path I was on made me want to read this a fast as I could.



The world building built so well on the wonderland that we see in Alice in wonderland but makes it unique and different but still works back to the normal story. I loved the world building in this book.


This book did have slower pace but that was fine because it let me sink into the world through both the world building and the characters. It was a read that really let me fall into the world and fall in love with the story.        



Cath made me love this story because she was so complicated. It is def. that shows you the opposite side of queen of hearts and even makes you feel bad for her and I love that in a story when you understand how the queen of hearts was created.


It was the ending I expected but it still broke my heart


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