Eye of Minds




                                                                 Eye of Minds

By L


Rating 4


Book in a pinch: Ready Player one for the YA world



Go into this one knowing

It is a thriller book with unexpected twists along the way.



By the end of the third chapter I was hooked and wanted to keep reading. Once the world was discussed I was hooked and needed to read more. I enjoy how the story balance both character, story and world building to give me a good experience.



The world building in this book was so important and that is why it was a bit slower to read this novel. The world is so different then our world so a lot needs to be explained to us but I loved how the world was built so well.



The pace was mostly fast but with slow parts thrown in and that mostly was used to built the world for the reader. The book also uses the pacing to build/ hide some secrets from the audience that becomes obvious at the end.        



I enjoy when books have a trio of characters the really carry the story and I enjoyed it in this book. It was very obvious the something was not right in this story but the characters is what I kept wanting to learn more about and excited to see them again in another books in the future.



The end of the book was a game changer and I am excited to see where the story goes next


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