The Maze Runner


The Maze Runner

By L


Rating 5


Book in a pinch: The new Hunger Games.



Go into this one knowing

It does fall into some of the typical dystopia troupes but does them in a unique way.



This book immediately captured my attention the second I met Tom. I had to know what was happening to him and where he was. The story started off with a bang and did not stop until the end of he novel.



The world building is very important in this story and also since we visited many different locations especially towards the end and they all were so well explained and I love being exposed to such a new world. It was a very well-build world and I can’t wait to see where the story goes next in the series.



This is a very quick pace novel and It really was like train going along the tracks so fast and it did not have much breaks but it still allowed us to get to know the characters on a individual level and it made me not only care about the big picture but also about the characters.          



I think Thomas is one of my favorite Male characters. I enjoyed him so much because he is such a complex character because of what happen in he past and I loved all the others that we met in the novel. They are all so funny and unique and loved meeting them in this novel.



The end of the book was a game changer and I am excited to see where the story goes next


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