The Twelve Days of Dash and Lily


The Twelve Days of Dash And Lily

By L


Rating 5


Book in a pinch: The prefect sequel to Dash and Lily Book of Dares,



Go into this one knowing

It is still a romance at the heart of the novel but a darker story in some ways.


Ask Yourself these types of questions HOOK

It took me a little bit more time to get into this story but once Dash made his holiday plan I was hooked. The character of Lily changed much more then Dash, so her chapter did not captured me as much towards the start of the novel. I understand why that happened but it made me grow even more love dash throughout this book.



New york was once again another character and it really became another character in this story and I love how the kept building the world.


  • This story pacing was a little bit slower but I still enjoyed it I liked how the story pacing still kept me engaged and pushed me to get to the end of the story.



The characters did change in this novel and I enjoyed those changes because I thought they could happen in real life. Lily change did make me sad because I felt for her character but towards the end of the novel I understand how complex her life was becoming. It made sense how lost she felt and how even Dash could not help. I grew to love dash even more and still love them as a couple.



It was a cute ending with a little bit more heart to it.


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