Dash and Lily Book of Dares

Dash and Lily Book of Dares

By L


Rating 5


Book in a pinch: The prefect geeky book lover romance



Go into this one knowing

At the heart it is a love story but such a cute one for book lovers everywhere.


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The story captured me the second Dash for the red journal. I love the opposition chapters from both characters and the story captured me so fast. The characters immediately unique and I wanted to learn more about them.       



As a New York City person I loved having New York almost as another character in the story. I enjoyed seeing how the characters related to new york and it was such a fun way the city was built through the writing.

  • The pacing was very quick and that was largely due to the due to the narrators telling the story. It was a very fast pace story and I wanted to see when these characters would come face to face.



I really loved the characters and both them as individual characters and also then being in a relationship and they worked so well together. I really enjoyed them so much and they are really what kept me wanting to keep going in this story.



It was such a cute ending and I am so happy we get to go back to this world and characters in the sequel.



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