Vass in the Night

Vassa In The Night

By L


Rating 3.5


Book in a pinch: Very odd fantasy retelling



Go into this one knowing

It is a un clear story that may go over your head and you may need to re-read this story to get the whole picture.


Ask Yourself these types of questions HOOK

It took a while for me to get hooked into this story because it was so odd. Once she was trapped in the story I wanted to see how the story would end but it was so complex and very un clear that much of the story went over my head.    



The world building in the story was very complex and It took awhile to really learn what this world was that you were in. The audience is at slight disadvantage because they have no concept for this world and the main character does. I am still not totally sure I fully get the world but it was super cool to read about.

  • The book pacing was odd for me because it was supper slow and super fast but not the same throughout the novel. I think the pacing in the novel threw me for a loop and made me feel off balance.



I liked learning about the characters but it took me awhile to like/ love the,. They were fun to read about but it was hard to get connected them.



It was such a odd ending and I am still not sure I get it totally.


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