My Unscripted Life

My Unscripted Life




Book in a pinch: Summer romance meets Hollywood movie set YA EDITION



Go into this one knowing

It story with s big focus on the romance.


Ask Yourself these types of questions HOOK

I was hooked from page one. I LOVE summer romances with Hollywood connection and this one hooked me even more when Dee became a PA on the movie set, I loved seeing the relationship develop that way.                        



I love the setting of both the small town and also the movie set. I really felt like It could be an actual movie set and that the world building made me feel like this place actually existed and I also like the elements of small southern town that we had been exposed to.         

  • This is super face pace novel and only took me a day to read. It was a story that had to know how it would play out as quickly as I could.


I really loved both of the main characters and wanted them to be happy. I love how we saw so much self-discovery changes occurred for this character and I felt that they were well-rounded characters the romance was a big focus of this novel but no their only focus and I liked that a lot.



We had a ending with conclusion and I loved books that give you that moment and explains what happens after the so called prefect ending.