Revenge of the Evil Librarian

Revenge of the Evil Librarian

By L


Rating 3


Book in a pinch: Summer camp meets the horror of the underworld



Go into this one knowing

It is book two in a series. It does have a lot of cursing and bad language that are used by the students.


Ask Yourself these types of questions HOOK

  • I had not read the first book in the series so it took until chapter 3 or four before I had enough of information about book one to feel hooked in enough to read this story. I did appreciate how complete the recap was and it enhanced my enjoyment and my hook into this new story.
  • I think this story did set a lot of ground work in boom one for world building but I was able to pick up enough pieces that I was not lost about the demon drama. I loved also love theater camp summer setting as well. I went to very similar camps myself and felt the setting was very accurate.
  • After the book one recap the story was moved and was paced and the story keeping making we want to read. The story had a very good pacing throughout the novel.


  • I did like the characters especially the demons that we met. I think I enjoyed them more then the humans for a majority of the book but the humans not very unique but hey were fun to follow the drama that occurred. I almost wish would could have seen the story from the demon writer point of view at points.
  • The conflict was two fold putting up the various theater productions and getting rid of the evil librarian. I thought both plots worked well together and both did not drag or and both kept my engaged in the story.
  • I dialogue was not anything special but does have a lot of cursing as a note.



The ending really ties most thing up but still left the overall story open for my expansion in the future.


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