Lock and Key

Lock and Key

By L


Rating 3.5 stars


Book in a pinch: Moriarty and Holmes in elite private school and the game is afoot.



Go into this one knowing

It is book one of a series and does a lot of world building at first so the story can be slow at points.


Ask Yourself these types of questions HOOK

The story did hook me from page one because it was told from Moriarty sister point of view Moria and I loved seeing this complex story from her POV and I wanted to keep reading from page one.

  • This story is set in a well- developed world that includes a boarding school and I love it. I think it is important to note the world building is very important to this novel and it also does take up some space and that does slow down the story at points. I want to see the impact this world building has on how smooth book two will be.
  • As I mentioned below the pacing was slow at points but once you got the middle of the story it did speed up and I became super invested in the story.


This was a unique way to get to know the characters because it was told from a different character point of view. I grew to really enjoy the character of Moria but also see the two main leads in more of a normal lense because I did not see the story from their POV so I saw them less as always being right and always be wrong but both in shades of gray. I did like the trio dynamics the developed between the characters.

  • The conflict was the letters that were being set and what they mean and also what is it leading James to do. It made the story become very fast pace because I wanted to get to the next clue. So much of what is to come was teased and I expected more in future books.
  • I think this dialogue was heightened and not typical of kids today that is more because of the story being a Sherlock Holmes story and the dialogue do fit the characters.



The ending was such a tease because it sets up so much for the future but I am excited to see where the long term story goes.


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