The loose end List

The Loose Ends List


By L


Rating 3 stars


Book in a pinch This book is book about death and grief and romance.



Go into this one knowing

This book is very romance heavy but no love triangle. It has dose have elements of gay relationships but it is not the primary focus. This book is also a stand alone.


Ask Yourself these types of questions HOOK

The story did hook me because the write tone did draw me in. It made me feel like I was back in high school. The one thing that took me out of the first several chapters of the book was we meet so many characters so fast it was hard to keep them straight. The story took awhile for me to get hook after we meet the young mom on the boat.

  • The world was very easy to connect to do. It is a present day novel so some hints of
  • future science plans. The world that was created on the boat was super unique and I liked
  • that much better then the setting that started the book it was a tad more unique.
  • The book pace was slow at points especially when we were meeting all the family
  • members and the people on the boat. It did pick up after their Rio stop. It was a book that
  • I kept wanting to read but, I would put it down if the characters introductions confused


  • I did like Maddie as a main character most of the time but she did get on my nerves at points and that was mostly do to her interactions later in the book with her boy. She made choices that just annoyed me and that was mostly due to her relationship drama. I did feel that the world had a lot of characters as well to the point that it was very hard to feel emotionally connected to anyone minus like two or three. The characters did not grab me by the feels throughout his book.
  • The conflict was very much maddie come to terms with her grandma death and also very much a self-discovery novel. The conflict or the major reason I wanted to read was to see how long the grandma lasted and what happen to the rest of the people on the boat. It was like a ticking time bomb book of who was going to die next on he boat. The conflict was more internal with Maddie then external.
  • I think the uniqueness of the dialogue would have felt out of place anywhere but the boat. The dialogue was over the top and very brash and in your face but the was culture that was create on the boat. So I did feel the dialogue fit the tone of the book.


I think the ending was my least favorite part of the book and that mostly because of Maddie and her actions. I did really like the last chapter but then ending was not as strong for Maddie as I would have liked. It also left many things open-ended so small heads up as well.


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