Summer Of Sloane

The blurb on the back is right this a perfect summer beach read books this is both filed with drama, sun, sand and romance!


Sloane life is tuned up side down when a shocking truth about her boy friend and best friends turn her life upside down.


She winds up spending the summer in Hawaian town with sun sand and cute boys.


I liked how the story focused on only on young girl dealing with a her situation but also how do you forgive or should you forgive when the unthinkable happens. 


I also liked how the book really did not go the "traditional" happy route but really showed the story in realstic way. I think the romance was not prefect but the book did not really feel like triangle but could have.


I also liked how the story really used the ability to forgive people as a major point in this novel. I also loved the fact that Sloane was a twin and that relationship was the highlight of this novel for me.


I wonder if this book could start  series and really focus on all the other characters that we met in this story in their own novel. I really loved the seeing of both Settle and Hawaii and the story has a semi open ended ending and would love to see these characters again in maybe other novels set in the same world. 


I did a get a free arc of this from barnes and Noble feast:


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