The Unexpected Everything:

Morgan Matson hit another book out of the park. This book was so good and I loved it. It is about Andie who summer gets messed up when her father actions cause her to loose her internship. It turns her life up side down but her new job changes her life forever and she meets this cute boy that challenges everything she has done in the past with relationships.


At the heart of this story minus the romance was also a strong female friendship between four girl characters and some boys sprinkled in but that friendship between those girls was what really made me love the story.


The story also follows the boy being creative and being artistic but being stumped and that leads him to create such a cool novel inspired by his summer and that was my favorite part of the series. I loved seeing him use parts of his life to create this new world.


The story also focused on Andi relationship with her dad and really help redefine their relationship and was such a important part of this book.


THIS BOOK was so good and I loved how honest the book was esp. in regards to friendship and love.


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