The Serpent King:

Overall, this was a very gritty contemporary novel. It really was more of a self discovery novel for all the characters involved including travis, lydia and Dil. The book was uniquely told because even though it took place during the school year, the school was not really used a set a set throughout the novel. It to me felt like a summer novel because of that. It was a very realistic cont. for kids in modern day that live in smaller towns. I did really enjoy the realtionships between the three characters. 


The turning point was a sadly (spoiler) travis death. Again, another one of my favorite characters was killed and in such a cruel way but it def lead the book to become a romance and focused alot on self discovery. It was novel that looked at how to say goodbye to the people you love when you are leaving and they want to to stay. It also really focused on Dill issues with his parents about not believing in his future. 



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