The Wondrous and the Wicked:

Overall this a great conclusion to the series. It was a great ending that justified both the world building and the characters. I was happy how the series ended and it even left up the possibility that we might get more. I still think ingrid and her Brother was the best part of this novel. There relationship really kept me engaged through the entire series but especially the last book. I also did enjoy the romance as well and i did feel the book had the right amount of romance that did not overtake the book because so many other things were happening. The world building in this book was so pretty and I really loved falling back into his world again and again. 



I thought that it was able to really end all the characters in unique and cool ways. I like books that challenge or do things different then what is expected and I feel that was done in this book.


I have compared this book a lot to the something strange and deadly series and they both have great world building but the main character really was the standout in this series for me.


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