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i loved her first book the night we said yes and was so happy to get this cody for edelweiss. All these thoughts are my own.

I loved this book so much. We follow a girl name Maud who find her self with a family history project and not idea where she comes from because she was adopted and her mother died at her birth. She goes on this wild adventure to find out more about her mother and what that means about her. I loved her as a character and this book really focused on self discovery on many levels. I also loved how this book looked at how college effects friendships and how it can be a good and a bad thing at the same time. I did enjoy the romance as well but it did not over power the book by any means.

I loved seeing where Maud path took and loved seeing how it really changed her as a character. It was a fast pace read and the perfect summer read as well.

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