Walk The Edge: Spoiler Review

i really loved this book. It was  step up from the book previous in this series. I think that is because i really grew to love razor in the book before and the character of Brenna was so awesome. It also addressed on a important topic in novels gifted and talented students and how that can be considered a learning challenge as well. These two characters should not even be together but they work so well and i love the romance that develops between them. It is also a great slow burn reationship as well. I though kyle really added drama to the story and his own issues really made this story even more complicated. I think the fact the Kyle was blacking her even added a level of modern day that happens all the time to kids. I think razor story about having to find out what happen to his mom, really lead me though this story and his story and that mystery kept me guessing. I was like brenna in the fact that i had to know what happen to razor mom even if it would keep me up past my bed time. 


Such a good book


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