The Shadow Queen: Spoiler Review

This book is a fairy tale reimagining of Snow white. This book however is adds alot of unexpected fantasy twists that made this a very unique re telling that I did enjoy.


This book follows a girl named Lorliea and her brother leo and the book starts and they are on the run form the evil queen. They are hiding because she believes that they are dead and she is basically running there kingdom.


You then meet this boy name Kol who is from a group of people that can transfrom into dragons. He is also the unexpected king to a kingdom that is being overrun by trolls.


These two characters meet unexpectedly but there lives get even more comlicated when Kol asked the evil queen to save his kingdom and the only way she will do that is if he kills the girl that saved his life.


This book was very similar in theme to Once upon  a time but the unique presence of dragons and actual magic made this be a super fas pace read. It did however drag at points. 


The deaths esp one ( sob) broke my heart because i really loved that character but i see now that it happen to make our new queen stronger.


This was a fast paced read that is unique look at snow white and the huntsman.


It is also a self contained book but there will other books sit in this world.


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