Tell the Wind and Fire: Spoiler Review

I got this book free from Net Galley but these are my my thoughts.


Overall I enjoyed this book. I went in to this book blind and did not know there was a connection to a Tale of two cities until the end of the book.


This book was unique but still was familiar to me. It was a darker fantasy and unlike Sarah other book the humor was a lot less and I think that was largely thanks to the world she created. 


The world is broken down into two half of the cities the dark half and the light half and Lucie our lead was born in the dark city but is lives in the light city as basically a icon because her boy friend is very high profile. But a unexpected twist shocks her when she learns her boy friend family did something very dangrous to save his life when he was younger and that evil act created basically an evil twin.


This one action years later propels this book into a war between the light and the dark side of the city and lucie is caught in the middle. 


I love the world that was created and how complex lucie was. The book did deal with romance but it was so not the focus of the book nor did it need to be. I thought the book did at points surprise me but i still at points felt familiar to me. 


I did love all the characters in the novel but the rela

tionship lucie had with her dad really did break my heart. 


It was nice to see the story actually stay a standalone and i loved the clear ending.


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