Calamity: Spoiler Review

This book was a decent ending to the series. It was not my favorite book of the series. That was still book 2. I loved that book so much. 


I loved again that we ventured to a new town. It was harder for me to get into this book because it had been so long since i read firefight. I maybe should i re-read it because many of the smaller details i forget. This book was very much a battle, battle book. There was so much fighting and as i have said in the past.. i Tend to zone out.  


But i loved getting back into this world and really exploring why this stuff happen. The unexpected person who was calamity was surprising as well. I did enjoy that twist. The death of Tia WAS not cool at all. It was a very fast pace read and as always i love david as a narrator.


The end of the is book felt a tad rushed to me as well. I wanted more info then what we go especially about all the other characters minus David. i LOVE THE ACTUAL final scene but to many things were not addressed.