Dark Days Club: non-spolier Review

This book takes place in1812. And focuses on a character named lady helen and and she is thrust into word of dark days clubs where she is basically born to be demon hunter. The word is so complex but overall i really loved the story and the characters. I really loved the relationship we got between Helen and her Maid that was sweet and can't wait to see more of them in the next books in the series.  Also the court based word of 1812 was rifted with intrigued that i loved learning about. The actual fighting was very male based throughout this novel and did not really include Lady helen as much as I would of liked. Most of this book was talking about fighting and watching fighting but lady helen was not fighting and that made the book drag at points. 


Overal a great read. I really loved the characters and the world building but the pace and also the lack of fighting by lady Helen slowed the book down alot.


If you like infernal devices but wanted more court drama check out this book.