Strange and Ever After

I thought that this was a strong conclusion to the series. I really took me until the end of this book to really love the main character. I think it is important to remember that in his series "magic" is  drug and that has negative effect on the character in many ways. I loved the unexpected twists this this book threw at me and it really shocked me where this book went. It was fast pace adventure with limited time to sit and catch your breath. I was so upset but the unexpected death at the end because i did not see that coming and it was very sad.


I thought that three locations that we went to over the course of the series so so well- written and it was like i was on this adventure with her. I have never read a book about zombie before and it was welcome take on them.  The book world building was strong as well and that was something I always liked about his novel.


Check it my video Spoiler review below: