ILLUMINAE Flies: book 1

This was such a cool read! i loved it! I really loved how this story was constructed through various documents. I was really concerned that this story would be impersonal without a regular narrative but i was shocked at how infested in these characters I became.


I really loved the characters of Kady and Ezra and that is one of the things the compled me to read this book so fast. It was a unexpected fast read and I did not expect that.


The book had so many twists and turns that I was never able to predict and the "death" of ezra really upset it me and I did not see the ending coming with him being alive and his mo m actually working for that company that started this drama. 


I loved the scfi elements and how that it also used AI as a character and i even grew to love that "character" as well. 


The way this story was represented on the page was just pretty. THIS IS not a book that can be listen to via audiobook or read on your kindle!