Passanger: Alexsandra Bracken:

I have always loved this author and this book is no different.


This book is about time travel and adventure through both time and place.


This book has two main characters including ETTA and Nick. I did really like there relationship but it did have elements of insta love towards the start of the book that i did not adore but as the story progressed it bothered me less and less.


Nick was such a unique character because he is African america and especially the places that they traveled to his color of his skin caused a lot of problems and I did not expect that in this novel. It was really surprising but I loved learning more about his as a character and his character made this story me want to turn the page again and again. 


The world building for me took some getting used to but the typically happens to me in last books in a series. i often need a full book to really grasp the world and this book was no different. Time traveling is complicated to write about but this book was very well done.


I loved seeing how different ETTA was to the character she came to face with in different time periods. It made me see her in totally different light, especially when comparing her to sophia. I really enjoyed this two character dynamics throughout the whole story.


I also loved how both etta and nick had unique passions including both being a seaman and being a musican. 


This book ended with various cliff. hangers. I can't wait for the next book in this series.


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