The Fifth wave: Spoiler Review: Yancey

This book dyistopian fiction book that focuses on aliens. I always forget how much I enjoyed this genre before I start reading them. I loved the main character of Cassie and enjoy where this story took her and where she wound up. The story also was able to explore different perspectives including an "alien" and i normal boy that becomes a killer. I loved seeing such different takes on this story. This story, was so fast pace and there was a shock at every turn and every chapter end. 


I also liked how this story did not change POV at the end of each chapter but every few chapters. It really allowed me to delve into the story even more.


The one negative part of this series was the insta love that happened, but it was not so over the top and the elements in this story did create a complex world. I grew to like the painting but it took me so time to warm up to it.


At the heart of this story, it was a story about a sister trying to find her little brother and that kept me engaged to the very end. 


I can't wait to read the next book:

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