Winter: by Marissa Meyer

I really loved this conclusion to this series. I always enjoyed how unique marissa represented this story and this final installment was no different. I loved exploring winter character and seeing what made her so likable but also so broken. It was such a complex story and that is one thing Have always loved about this series. I also loved how this books was able to handle all the various POV INCLUDING all the characters at came before. The book never felt crowed or really long. That is rather surprising cause the book is close to 850 pages. The story was so well crafted and was such a sat ending. 


This series villain was very strong. I loved learning her backstory and really not feeling any different because she did not deserve my sympathy. Because of that I was so excited to see her be taken down in the end. It was a great way to end this story. 


This book ended before we saw what happen after cinder ruled and I will always want more. I hope the stars rise story collection has maybe one story after winter



If you love fairy tale retellings but also like dystopian fiction this is the series for you. I love all the strong female characters that were created. 


Check out my video review of both the the final book and the series: