Until Friday Night: Review

I enjoyed this book for the emotional drama that both the characters brought to the story and also for how they helped each other throw there hard time. The romance in this book however, I only really liked towards the end. The romance was so "negative" for much of the book and I wonder if that was almost the point of the book. The scene where Maggie told West off about being controlling was one of my favorite parts of the whole book and made me see the book series in a new light. I did really like the character of maggie but for much of the book I wanted to strangle West and how in some ways he could only focus on Maggie. That was not my favorite part of the book. I did like all the other side characters and this is a series so we will be seeing some of them again in their own novels. The story was strong but I would have liked to see learn better coping techniques that included other people.