Magnus Chase and The Sword of Summer

I really enjoyed this book. This book was prefect because it took the favorite thing I like about Percy jackson the way it was written, witty characters and fun and then told a totally different unique story in this book. I loved actually seeing Anabeth again and that was such a fun surprise. I liked learning that she will have more to do in the future. I really love the character of Magnus he is so complex and his godly parent suprised me. It was not Thor and that was really what i expected. I think him having a not expected father really changed the story for me. I like that we did get to see Loki kids and she is so different then what i expected. I also loved blitzed and hearthstone and how much they really cared about Magnus. The book was such a fast pace story and can't wait to see what comes next in his story. It is a darker story in some instances but overall very good. I learned so much about norse myths!


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