Don't Look Back: Review

I loved this book. It made me remember how much I love mysteries and creepy books and I hope to read more now that we are into fall. This book starts with Sam being found walking on the side of the road covered in blood with no memory of anything that happen or even who she is. She eventually is returned to her family but she still can't remember anything and even worse her best friend went missing with her and they still can't find her. Sam quickly learns that she is not the nicest person before her accident and is struggling with the fact because every is expecting her to be someone that she can't even remember. The books is hunt to figure what happen to her, and also what happen to Cassie. While she is trying to recover her past, she starts getting creepy notes and she thinks someone is after her and really ups the creep level of this book. I was really surprised at all the twists and turns in this book and was really shocked by the end. I did not see the killer coming nor the reason for the killing. The book also had romance but I really was more focused on the sam and becoming who she need to be.


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