Ruby Circle:

I really loved the way this series ended. It made my heart happy to finally have an ending for all these characters. I liked how complex and unique this story became. I read so many paranormal stories but this story really kept its unique path until the very end. I loved the addition of baby declan and how he really changed the story on many levels. I loved seeing all our characters from VA get happy endings and also really change how these characters may live there lives. I was so happy to finally complete this series. It was a rather fast pace read and I needed to know what happen. This book not only tied up this series but also the VA world that we started so many books ago. I loved how we finally got an ending for the alchemist drama and how so many characters have changed so much over the series. I was happy the Eddie and Jess had a happy ending and also christen and Lisa. That is super important to me! I don't know if we will ever get more from this series but,on can hope because I really loved this world.


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