Fairest: Non-Spoiler Review

This book was very good and super necessary to the world of this story. I was afraid this book was going to change how i felt about Levana and make me feel bad for her but that was not the case. It was nice to actually see her life and the choices that she made and why but I still don't think she is a good person. Her actions and the reasons for her actions are still so cruel and mean and I really hope they find some way to take her down in the conclusion of this series, I did like finally getting all the pieces of the story and learning and what really happen to cinder and meeting Winter. i loved still exploring her life but still seeing how her choices really shaped her path. This character still falls in the shades of gray and but her actions still are not written off by her past. I think Meyers did a great job telling a story but still showing us how cruel her actions were.


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