Lair of dreams: Spoiler Review

Lair of Dreams - Libba Bray

I waited so long for this book and was so happy with it. The book is so long but so well written. It is a complex world but build so well. i really loved how drastic the tones and relationship of this book was, reading them back to back really accented this for me. I thought that this book really focused not the new mystery and also really increased the info we knew about all of the characters. i liked both meeting new diviners and learning old characters really did have powers like Sam. I sorted of guessed that from book one but it was nice to see it was really true. The books is so large and with large character list it is nice when they interact with new characters. 

I loved meeting the new characters and just the dream walking aspect was so cool to read about and also really creepy. I love this book and can't wait for the the third in this series. The books are long but worth the time commitment.


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