No Where But Here

This katie McGary new series. This book took me a little while to get into and think that is because the female characters in her pushing the limits series immediately grabbed me and this female character even though I liked her it was harder for me to understand where she was coming from at first. The end of the book allowed me to really enjoy both characters but at the start of my reading I was a big Oz Fan and I still am.


I think the whole concept of a motorcycle gang/ club is a cool backdrop for this series of books. I really hope we get a book about Chevy at some point and Violet as well. I know the next book is about Razor. I think all these characters are so interesting and I will def. be cont. on with this series.


I liked how this book tackle nontraditional families through adoption and I liked what the author was saying. This book also dealt with Cancer and also not facing your problems. I fact of parents and parents roles in this book was super cool and really made this book even more complex.


This is a fun, fast and addictive read!


Here is non-Spoiler Video review